Our Aquaculture division embodies our seafood production, which grows Tilapia and Seabass for domestic and international markets. Garden Creek Farms believes and practices “Good Animal Husbandry”. Our fish are among the healthiest in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest region. Since a majority of our seafood are shipped live to our customers, it is of utmost importance that our fish are healthy. Our Motto is “A Happy Fish is a Healthy Fish”. Providing a healthy environment for our fish calculates into greater weight gain, low mortality rates, and a higher quality product. 

Fish Farm

  • We raise two main species: Tilapia and Barramundi (Sea Bass)

  • Pristine Rocky Mountain warm springs water feeds the Garden Creek Farms' fish operations. We utilize the water at its source; the pure 96° spring water bubbles out of a rock formation from an aquifer deep in the earth.

  • Water quality is a top priority at Garden Creek Farms; at the fish operation the water is monitored on a daily basis. The water is examined at every step in the process - before, during and after for contaminates and temperature.

  •  We believe in compassionate practices to provide a clean and stress–free environment for our fish.  You won’t find any overcrowded tanks at Garden Creek Farms. A clean and stress-free environment produces happy, healthy, and delicious fish.

  • We pride ourselves in operating an environmentally friendly process. Garden Creek Farms separates all of its fish waste and bi-products from the exiting process water to ensure no negative impacts from fish production is detectable.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program creates science-based recommendations that help consumers and businesses make ocean-friendly seafood choices. All of our seafood products are classified as "Best Choice" because we are well managed and our products farmed responsibly.