Co - Producing with Garden Creek Farms

As a full-service co-packer, we take a hands-on approach to manufacturing and providing a quality product for each of our customers.  This allows them to really put their focus on the marketing and selling of their brand.  We are in the business of service, "Service, Integrity and a Spirit of Excellence!"

Our Services


  • Test Batch & Recipe Development

  • FDA Compliant Services 

  • pH Testing

  • Label Review

  • Nutritional Facts Panel & Ingredient Deck

  • Shelf Life Study

  • Ingredient & Packaging Sourcing

  • Organic Certification 

  • Non-GMO Certification

  • NSF Certification

  • Gluten Free Certification



  • 5,000 square feet of storage space

  • Dry Pallet Storage

  • Frozen Storage

  • Refrigerated Storage

  • Pallet Building

  • Inventory

  • Individual Customer Shipping

Our Capabilities:

  • Hot and Cold Fill

  • Glass, Plastic Containers and Pouches

  • Friendly Minimums




We will work with YOU to meet your unique needs with OUR hands on approach!

Our Process begins with your product recipe.  Our team will work with you from the initial meeting, then provide assistance with ingredient and packaging sourcing, then manufacturing and distribution. 




Trust Us For:  

  • Cost Effective, Hands on Manufacturing

  • Consistent Taste and Quality

  • On-Time Delivery


Garden Creek Farms

999 Garden Creek Rd.

Challis, ID 83226